What does Electra-Media, Inc. (EMI) do?

EMI provides all the necessary elements to plan, permit, purchase, install and maintain a successful LED electronic sign. Our signs are most commonly utilized by Auto Dealers, Auto Centers, large venues such as The Staples Center and The Stub Hub Center, and businesses that need maximum visibility along the highway such as Casinos and Shopping Malls. Unlike our competitors, we not only provide full project management services, but we also provide full sign support with a team of expert technicians, software programmers and graphic designers to ensure your sign keeps performing at 100% every day. 

Why should I invest in an Electronic Sign?

On average, people are exposed to thousands of ads every day from the time they wake up to the time they fall asleep. How do you make your business stand out amidst a sea of marketers? Print media and television media are great assets but they miss the dead time that occurs when people are spending hours driving into work and driving back home. Recent research has shown that the average Los Angeles/California consumer spent approximately 81 hours stuck in traffic in the year 2015. Print and TV media just missed out on 81 prime-time hours, but you don’t have to. If you invest in a large scale LED freeway sign you are harnessing that opportunity to advertise directly to the hundreds of thousands of drivers on California highways. And that is revenue increasing advertising you do not want to miss! The Small Business Administration’s recent research has concluded that LED signs can boost sales by up to 150%. Not only that, effective LED signage has been shown to reach up to 70% of the general public directly increasing brand awareness up to 86%. With facts like these, why wouldn’t you invest in an electronic sign is a better question!

How do I submit frame change requests for my sign designs?

Once your sign is installed and activated, you will receive a weekly review of the frames running on your sign. If you wish to change the content or theme of your frames, simply send an email to our in-house creative team of designers at programmers@emisigns.com. In your email make sure to include the text, pictures and main ideas you have for your new ads. These emails are called “change requests”. If you want the frame to run until a specific date, just let us know and we will program it accordingly and keep in mind that we can schedule frames in advance!  You also have the option to request proofs for your frames for approval before they are programmed to display on your sign.  

How long does it take for my frame designs to be completed?

All graphics requests must be submitted in writing to programmers@emisigns.com. After you send your “change request” email, our design team will get to work and have your frame designs done within 24-48 hours during business days. 

My sign is getting dirty. What should I do to get a sign wash?

EMI coordinates all sign maintenance including sign washes. Our sign wash technicians use state of the art power washers with custom solvents to dissolve all the smog, dirt, dust, animal by-products and exhaust that accumulates on your sign day in and day out. Sign washes are a crucial part of keeping your sign looking its best. We offer annual, bi-annual and quarterly packages. Contact jessica@emisigns.com to arrange you package today!

What is QuikQuote?

QuikQuote is an optional free service provided by EMI. Our design team creates custom frames with inspirational quotes for every day of the week. Your sign can feature a beautiful inspirational quote everyday to brighten up the days of your viewers. To opt-in, just send an e-mail to programmers@emisigns.com if you have an existing sign, or tell us you would like to be included in our list of QuikQuotes participants while we work to get your sign up. On the same spirit, EMI also provides optional free custom designed Holiday-themed frames for every major national holiday. 

My sign is off, malfunctioning, or having troubleshooting issues. What should I do?

Call the EMI office at 310.725.0816 (310.956.5819 for weekend emergencies) or email programmers@emisigns.com and let us know what you are experiencing on site. We will remotely troubleshoot your sign from our office, walk you through maintenance options, and/or schedule a visit from our team of technicians to make sure your sign keeps running properly. Typical turnaround time is 24-48, as we aim to get your sign back to 100% ASAP.